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3D Printed "Living Food" Designed and Printed by The Edible Growth Project (VIDEO)

Chloe’s 3D printed structures are made from a paste of living organisms including seeds, spores and yeast, which then grow and fully develop in about 5 days.


The idea of 3D-printing food comes across at first as odd and a bit zealous to think humans can out-perform nature, but when you watch Chloé Rutzerveld 3D-Print structures made from seeds, spores and yeast and then have them grow into living edibles, you might think differently about it.

When 3D-printing was invented in the late 1970’s, the countdown to this technology making its way into the food market began, and we are beginning to see the first steps towards the reality of having 3D printed food available to us.  Chloé’s 3D printed structures are made from a paste of living organisms including seeds, spores and yeast, which then fully develops in about 5 days into the edible you see before your eyes.  Although I find the whole concept a bit creepy, and potentially dangerous depending on who we allow to make the food and what they make it from, I do see some potential for it to be used as a small portion of our food supply.


Chloé Rutzerveld is a freelance food designer who graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands in 2014.  Since then, Chloé started the ‘Edible Growth Project’ and has been at work engineering and printing “living food”.3d-printed-food-3

3D Printing offers us the opportunity to make life simpler, more affordable and more sustainable, and it is now making its way into virtually every sector of industry that we have in the world today.3d-printed-food-5“I want to show that high-tech food or lab-produced food does not have to be unhealthy, unnatural, and not tasteful. Edible Growth is an example of high-tech but fully natural, healthy, and sustainable food made possible by combining aspects of nature, science, technology and design. Edible Growth shows real growth, an intensifying flavor and structure, makes smart use of natural processes like fermentation and photosynthesis and lowers the use of resources,” said Chloé.


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