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Recently, I moved all the way from my hometown of Kitchener, Ontario to a little town near Ottawa. After I was settled in, I wanted to connect with the local farmers, and begin purchasing most of my food from them as well. Ultimately, I made a massive list of farms in the area, for myself, and I thought I’d share that list with you in this article, so that you too can benefit from all the work I put into it.

But first, here 2 reasons why you should find a regenerative farmer near you, and begin buying most, if not all, of your food from them.

1. Eating Organic Food Produced Regeneratively Improves the Environment

Every time you eat conventional food from grocery stores, you’re supporting a type of farming which poisons your food, the environment, wildlife, and destroys topsoil. Conversely, eating organic food grown by farmers practicing regenerative agriculture is one of the most powerful ways you can regenerate the environment and reverse any environmental damage that has occurred from conventional agriculture. It’s up to us to fix the problems in the world, and changing the food you eat is hands down the #1 way to become a part of the solution.

2. Buying Farmer Direct Saves You Money

Many people think that buying directly from farmers is expensive. This is simply not true. The fact that you can cut out the middle man in your supply chain not only makes your food less expensive, especially if you buy in large quantities, like a half cow, for example, but it also makes your food supply more resilient. Get to know your farmers and how they do things. It’s a very important relationship to have for you and your family.

It’s time for the big list of regenerative and organic farms near Ottawa, Ontario, along with the products they sell, and all their contact information to make things as easy as possible for you.. I hope this list helps you find a farmer, and begin buying your food from them.

grazing sheep

52 Organic Farms Near Ottawa, Ontario


Rock’s End Farm

– Organic pastured meats and wool
– Certified organic, small family farm; regenerative farming practices
– Pickup and Delivery (you will also find us at the Wakefield Farmer’s Market

– Near Wakefield, QC

Indian Creek Orchard Gardens – —
– Vegetables, Fruit CSA
– Agroforestry, Regenerative
Pickup locations in Almonte, Carleton Place, their farm stand or Almonte Farmers Market 919 Sugarbush Road
Pakenham, ON
(613) 914-7444
Battle River Bison
– Grass-fed Bison

15593 Highway 7 RR#6
Perth, ON
(613) 326-0573
Mike’s Garden Harvest
– Organic vegetable CSA 436 River Rd, Gloucester, ON
Fair Sun Farm
We grow organic veggies for families and chefs in our Ottawa area community.
– Organic Vegetable CSA 3015 County Road 21, Spencerville, ON
Alpenblick Farm
– Grass-fed Beef
– Pastured Goat and Lamb
– Pastured Eggs
– Cheese, Honey, Maple Syrup 8138 Golf Club Way, Ashton, ON
(613) 253-2640
Capital Greens
We grow organic salad greens and vegetables right in Ottawa.
– Organic vegetable CSA 2391 Pépin Ct, Gloucester, ON
Larkspur Farm

– Organic vegetables & Flowers

Alix & Doug
550 Chemin River, L’Ange-Gardien, QC
Hidden Trails Farm
– Grass-fed beef, Forest Pork
– Pastured chicken & Turkey
– Coffee, Microgreens, Sweets
– Vegetables Order online, Delivered to Your Door

Heartbeet Farm

– Vegetable CSA
– No pesticides
– Dropoffs in Ottawa, Kanata and Carleton PlaceKate and David 3772 Torbolton Ridge Rd
Woodlawn (OTTAWA), ON

Grazing Days Farm

– Grass-fed beef, pastured pork and pastured chicken CSA
– Intensive rotational grazing techniques are used; pigs receive protein-rich whey that is “waste” for local cheese producers; vegetable “waste” from the farm Rooted Oak is fed to the pigs; pigs also receive spent grains that is a “waste” product for a local brewer 567 rang Ste. Julie Est, St.-André-Avellin, QC
Catena Farm
– Organic vegetable CSA
– Zero waste, no plastics921 Highway 148, Shawville, Quebec
Kitley Beef Farm
– Grass-fed beef, eggs, and maple syrup
– No pesticides, drugs or hormones 422 Kitley Line 3 Road, Toledo, ON
(613) 275-0402
Harley Farms
– Grass-fed Beef
– Pastured Chicken
– Personal Care Products 1630 Heritage Line, Keene, ON
Kirkview Farms
– Pastured Chickens, Turkeys
– Forest Pork
– Grass-fed beef
– Maple syrup, eggs 20921 Laggan Glenelg Rd
North Glengarry, ON
(289) 680-8684
Waratah Downs Organic Farm
– Organic Vegetable CSA
– LambJohn Weatherhead 3444 Scotch Line, Perth, ON
Forefathers Farm
– Eggs, meat, veggies CSA (June-oct)
– Free-range no antibiotics/hormones
– Pickup locations in Smiths Falls, Franktown, Carleton Place, Kanata 205 Buttermilk Hill Rd. Perth, ON
Call Robin: 613-227-6804
Highland Gem Farm
– Organic Vegetable CSA
– Pastured Pork, Chicken & Eggs Erin Richan
325 Concession 6A Road, Lanark
Maplelane Farm
– Vegetables, honey
– Pasture/Organic Grain Pork Hilary and Nick Moore
325 Concession 6A Road, Lanark
Earth’s Mirth Garden

– Organic Vegetables & Flowers

Shelagh McGuinty, Max Hansgen
Rosetta Rd. Lanark
Matos Apiary

– Honey

Sydney & Jonny de Matos
1212 2nd Concession Dalhousie
Welsh Hill Farm
– Grass-fed Beef & Lamb
– Pastured Organic Eggs
– Pastured Pork, Lip Balm Mike & Vanessa White
336 Ferguson Tetlock Rd. Smiths Falls, ON
Montague Farm

– 100% Grass-fed Beef

Bill Dobson
Matheson Drive, Smiths Falls
Hollanbec Farm

– Grass-fed Beef

Henk & Heather Schapelhouman
Milkhouse Farm & Dairy

– Cheese, Lamb, Wool

Cait & Kyle White
Matheson Drive, Smiths Falls
Miller’s Bay Farm

– Vegetables and Berries

Robert & Shannon Miller
65 Rideau Ferry Road, Lombardy
Funny Duck Farms
– Pastured beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, duck from many farms
– Home delivery available
– Organic VegetablesDelivery available year round Samantha Klinck
RR #3 Frankville
Bluegrass Farm

– Vegetable CSA

Leela Ramachandran
Jasper, Ontario
Bakers Farm

– Vegetables and Berries

109 Rosedale Road, Smiths Falls, On
(613) 283-5033
Balderson Berries

– Blueberries

Arlene Keith
211 Keays Road Balderson
Tiraislin Fold

– Pastured Beef & Lamb

Rosemary Kralik
Maberly, ON
Flying Horses Farm
– Pastured Chickens & Turkeys
– Honey Diane & Jeff
Perth, ON
Ravensfield Farm

– Pastured lamb and pork

Titia Posthuma
1688 Old Brooke Rd. Maberly
Swallowtail Organic Garlic Farm

– Organic Garlic, dips, spreads, pestos, powders, spice blends

Ali Gangnier Ross
2191 Bathurst 5th Concession
McKenzie Organic Farm
– Grass-fed Beef
– Pastured Poultry
– Free Range Eggs Glenn & Merydth
3062 Drummond Concession 8a, Balderson, ON
Little Fallbrook Farm
– Maple Syrup
– Fresh Garden Produce
– Woodworking Brendan Doyle & Erin Cameron
654 Mackay Line Road, Balderson
James Haven Farm
– Pork Sausages
– Chicken, turkey, eggs
– Asparagus and raspberries
– Baked Goods 5th Concession Bathurst, ON
Jackalope Farm
– Market Garden (no pesticides)
– Chickens and Eggs
– Rabbits, Ducks, Geese 2708 Drummond Concession 2,
Perth, ON
(613) 264-8838
Creek’N Tree Farm
– Seedlings, vegetables
– Shittake Mushrooms
– Maple Syrup Perth, ON
Anne Janssen
Rock-N-Horse Far
– Vegetables
– Meat, Eggs, Maple Syrup, CSA
– No pesticides Diane Sheets
1267 Rae Road, Almonte
Stone Pile Farm

– Meat, Pork, Eggs

Amanda and Joel
Lanark, ON
Ugly Apple Cider & Wine

Award Winning Ciders

Bret Hogue
1940 Con. 4B Dalhousie, Lanark, ON
Riverrun Farm
– Grass-fed Beef
– Hay Andrew & Julie Dawson
205 McIlquham Blair Road, Lanark, On
Monarch Acres
– Pastured Raised Pork & Chicken
– CSA 280 Gold Creek Rd, Lanark, ON
Mississippi Berries

– Strawberries

Andrew & Julie Dawson
2430 Ferguson Falls Road, Lanark
Arc Acres
– Grass-fed Beef & Pastured Pork
– CSA Amber Payne
1538 Manotick Station Road, Greely, ON
Bramble Lea Farm
– Vegetable & Fruit CSA
– Beef, Chickens, Pork, Eggs
– No herbicides or pesticides John & Melissa
840 County Road 42 East, Athens, ON
Foster Family Farm
– Veggie and Egg CSA (July-Oct)
– Dropoff locations in Ottawa, Barrhaven, Stittsville, and more Mel & Davonne
PO Box 196
North Gower, ON
Jambican Studio Gardens

– Vegetables, flowers CSA (july-oct)

2969 River Rd RR#3 Manotick ON
Our Farm
– Vegetable CSA
– Pork, Lamb
– Delivery to Carleton Place, Arnprior, Pakenham, Almonte 3772 Torbolton Ridge Road, Woodlawn, ON
Rochon Garden
– Vegetable, eggs, cheese, honey CSA (may-oct)
– 11 dropoff locations Edwards, ON
Roots Down
– Weekly/Biweekly veggie CSA (june-oct)
– Pickup in Kingston, Ottawa market
– Work shares available (1 day of work per week for a full CSA share) 145 Taylor Road West, Gananoque, ON
(613) 532-0581
Whitsend Market Garden
– Organic Veg, Honey, Mush & Pork CSA
– Door to Door flyers provide about 40 per cent of our annual sales.
– Produce is delivered through a cotton tote bag that is swapped out and refilled each week Bob Whitmore
Near Ottawa
(613) 278-1937

Regenerative Farming Organizations Ontario

In case you’re a farmer and looking to get in touch with other farmers in the Ottawa valley area, below is a list of resources that may help you on your way.  Enjoy!

Just Food – Farm (w CSA), Events, Free Seeds and Soil:
Just Food is a local, non-profit, community-based organization that works on both rural and urban food and farming issues in Ottawa and the surrounding region.

Farmhouse Food (Cooperative of Small Farms in the Ottawa-Gatineau region):

Organic Urban Landcare Society (Events and Training):

National Farmers Union (Meet and eat with farmers):

Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario (Farmer to Farmer Training and support):

Canadian Organic Growers (Events and Training):

Regeneration Canada (Events and Training):

Two Rivers Food Hub:

Website directory of Local farms: