Ashes To Diamonds: Swiss Company Turns People’s Cremated Remains Into Diamonds


Instead of soaking your dead relatives in chemicals and burying them in a sealed casket, why not compress and super-heat their cremated ashes and turn them into a beautiful man-made diamond that can be worn and cherished for generations to come?

The processed used by Swiss company Algordanza begins by chemically extracting carbon from the pile of ashes.  This carbon is then heated, and the resulting graphite is then heated again to as hot as 2,700°F and compressed with forces as high as 870,000 psi.

The final color of the diamond depends on the boron content of the ashes, and ranges from white to dark blue.  For a small diamond with no additional service, the price begins at 4,259 Swiss Francs or $4, 474 USD.

More info: | Facebook (h/t: ecouterre)

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These last two photos are from a man who took his grandmother on a trip through the U.S. after her cremated remains were turned into a diamond ring

memorial-diamond-cremation-ashes-algordanza-4 memorial-diamond-cremation-ashes-algordanza-5