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10 ways grass fed beef can save the world

10 Ways Eating Grass Fed Beef Can Save The World

Last summer I volunteered at a local farm just outside of town called Brookfront Farms.  They produce 100% grass fed beef and lots of fruit and vegetables using unconventional methods.  These farmers don’t feed their cows grains – only grass – and they don’t spray poison on their vegetables.  What a concept!  It’s strange that…

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top 100 gift ideas

The Top 100 Greatest Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Family

When searching for gift ideas, make sure you give gifts that actually benefit people and not gifts that they secretly resent you for. The world’s culture is riddled with days where we are encouraged to buy the friends and family we love gifts – from birthdays to valentine’s day, anniversaries, easter, thanksgiving and christmas.  Sometimes…

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Tumor or wound x-ray -

Tumors are Persistent, Unhealing Wounds

For hundreds of years people have responded to the presence of tumors on the human body with shock, fear and sometimes utter terror.  The mistaken and irrational belief that a tumor was some kind of genetic monster lurking beneath the flesh has long been the justification for barbaric treatments such as surgery, cautery and chemotherapy.…

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The Amish - no vaccines, no cancer

The Unvaccinated Amish Rarely Get Cancer, Autism or Heart Disease… Coincidence?

The Amish are a group of traditional Christian people with Swiss origins.  They rarely receive vaccines, and they rarely come down with diseases like cancer, autism or heart disease.  Coincidence?  Let’s dig deeper and find out. All parents want best for their children, and I think we can all agree that we should be raising…

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Dr Buteyko the man who discovered the prime cause of disease

Dr. Buteyko Reveals the Prime Cause of ALL Disease

Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was a Ukrianian scientist and physician who made the most significant health discovery in history.  The knowledge of what causes disease in the human body is made clear by his work – and when applied to cancer, his findings synergize with the discovery of Dr. Otto Warburg, painting a very clear…

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Dr Otto Warburg - The Man Who Discovered the Prime Cause of Cancer

Dr. Otto Warburg Reveals The Prime Cause of Cancer

Dr. Otto Warburg was a German scientist who dedicated his life to researching cancer and in the 1920’s discovered it’s prime cause.  Frustrated by the lack of acceptance of his ideas, Warburg often spelled out the axiom attributed to Max Plank, “Science advances one funeral at a time.” Cancer The Mystery Solved Series Quick-links: Cancer:…

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Is cancer a genetically mutated monster?

Is Cancer a Genetic Disease?

The cancer industry is fully committed to the idea that a cancer cell is a genetic frankenstein cell whose only goal is to destroy and kill the patient.  This is the only way the use of knives (surgery), toxic injections (chemotherapy) and ionizing radiation (radiotherapy) can be justified as treatments.  If it is ever proven…

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Cancer The Mystery Solved

Cancer: The Mystery Solved (Part 1)

After spending the past 3 years researching and writing my book on cancer, it’s time to share with the world everything I’ve learned. In this five part series, all of the greatest mysteries of cancer will be unravelled, including:  What is cancer?  What is a tumor?  What are the most effective ways of reversing them? …

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Mom was murdered by chemotherapy

My Mom Was Murdered-For-Profit by Chemotherapy

I remember laying in bed late at night at the age of 11 – my eyes red, swollen and dripping with tears – hearing my mother crying downstairs from the chemotherapy and calling out to God to put an end to her suffering. We’ve all seen it happen: Somebody we know is diagnosed with cancer,…

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Resources - Top 30 life hacks to instantly improve your health

Top 30 Simple Life Hacks To Instantly Improve Your Health

We all have areas of our health that can be improved. This list of life hacks is your greatest resource for finding the products and tools you need to significantly boost your health, clean up your environment, monitor your health and accelerate your healing process. Over the past 15 years I have spent thousands of…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy

Top 10 Proven Benefits of Red Light Therapy

You may have heard of infrared or red light therapy, but are you aware that it can help your body heal from virtually any disease or condition? Infrared and red light therapies are so incredibly beneficial for so many diseases and conditions because unlike modern medicine which aims to treat symptoms, light therapy remedies the…

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Joyful old man laughing

The Science of Laughter – Plus 10 Hilarious Videos

It has been proven scientifically for almost 50 years that laughter can help boost the body’s immune system, prevent cancer and help heal diseases of all kinds. The Science of Laughter First reported by a group of scientists lead by Ronald E. Smith from the University of Washington in 1971, laughter can significantly reduce levels…

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