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Being diagnosed with cancer is a terrifying experience.  Beyond the crippling fear of dying, you need to deal with massive pressure from doctors, friends, family and co-workers to get conventional treatments surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  And if you give into these pressures, you'll need to come up with $50,000 or more just to pay for them!  These enormous fears and pressures make it nearly impossible to think rationally and decide which treatment is right for you.

You must be smart and understand the disease and potential treatments ahead of time, so that if you happen to be diagnosed with cancer you will know exactly what to do.  And if you have cancer and want scientifically proven alternative treatment options, this page is also for you. 

We've all seen it before:  Someone is diagnosed with cancer and rushed into aggressive mainstream treatments, and they come out looking far worse than they did before treatment.  Most times these people end up dying months or even weeks later.

Are these damaging, old-fashioned treatments truly helping people or is progress being held back because they are extremely profitable?

The cancer industry rakes in 125 billion dollars a year - do you think they would tell you about a safe and inexpensive treatment and put themselves out of business if there were one?

cancer cured with orthodox cancer treatments?
cancer cured with medicinal herbs and spices?


Just because the government has failed to find you a cure doesn't mean a cure hasn't been found.  Here at EndAllDisease, we've beat them to the finish line and - using over 2300 studies that have been published in the scientific literature - identified everything you need to know about cancer to prevent or reverse it safely and effectively.

Best of all, we've made it so simple that even a child can understand it!

With the right learning program, you can walk through life or even into your doctors office without fear and knowing that if cancer were ever to strike, you can easily deal with it in ways that are both affordable and will actually heal you without harm. 

Sadly, all the breakthrough cancer discoveries that have been made over the past 100 years by pioneering scientists from across the world have yet to be found or acknowledged by the cancer establishment.  Apparently their research skills aren't as refined as ours.

But this doesn't mean you have to sit around waiting!  This is why we've spent the past 3 years writing Cancer Cured: Victory Over the War on Cancer—to put the exhilarating scientific research into your hands as a complete package that will empower you with the knowledge needed to heal yourself.


Cancer cured: victory over the war on cancer book by Mark sloan

Cancer Cured is the most comprehensive scientific investigation on cancer ever written.  It will take you on a scientific thrillride through mainstream cancer treatments surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to find out if they are worth the pain and price.  You'll also learn about 3 powerful alternative medicines so you can directly compare and decide which ones are right for you. 

In the final chapter, which includes almost 1000 scientific references, all of cancer's greatest secrets and mysteries that have escaped scientists for over 100 years will be revealed, along with three of the most powerful anti-cancer medicines in existence.

Know exactly what to do to heal cancer if you are ever diagnosed and have complete confidence that it will work.

Get FULL DISCLOSURE of  surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy's potential side effects that your doctor will never tell you about.

Learn the one food to avoid that will reduce your risk of getting cancer down to ZERO.

Earn the respect and admiration of your friends and family once they see you with your newfound knowledge about cancer.

Watch the look on people’s faces when they see how vibrant and healthy you look.

Discover the most powerful alternative healing medicines and technologies in existence, for all diseases, and make them available in your medicine cabinet like a champion.

Protect yourself and your family from getting misdiagnosed, mistreated or even killed by a medical industry driven by greed.


That's just the beginning of what you'll get with this program.  There's a lot more amazing value in store for you.  Let's take a look at what's available.

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When you buy Cancer Cured: Victory Over the War on Cancer, you'll receive a collection of evidence-based resources developed specifically to help you prevent or reverse cancer.

Depending on the package you choose to buy, you'll receive the following:

The Renowned Book

All editions come with the comprehensive 354 page mega-book to help you understand cancer inside and out.  The book begins with scientific investigations into mainstream cancer treatments (including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy), cancer screening programs (including mammmography and prostate cancer screening) and the cancer industry.  The second half explores the evidence for oranges, coconut oil and sodium bicarbonate as treatments for cancer and ends by unravelling all the greatest mysteries of the disease in the simplest way possible.
(Comes in .pdf and .mobi formats)

The Audiobook

With the Cancer Cured audiobook you can listen in your car on your way to work, in headphones while you walk or run or at home playing from your speakers while you relax on your couch.  Many people prefer learning by listening to audio rather than reading, and now you have that luxury.

The Mainstream Cancer Treatment Bonus Pack

The mainstream cancer treatment bonus pack was designed to make it easy to access our powerful scientific reviews on surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  This bonus pack also makes it easy to share this information with friends or loved ones who need FULL DISCLOSURE of the potential risks involved with these treatments.

The Alternative Cancer Treatment Bonus Pack

The alternative cancer treatment bonus pack was designed to make it easy to access our powerful scientific reviews on oranges, coconut oil and sodum bicarbonate.  This bonus pack also makes it easy to share this information with friends or loved ones who are interested in exploring other possible treatments and medicines for cancer.

The Cancer Cured Diet

Based on principles discovered in the book, the official Cancer Cured Diet provides a list of foods that are safe and supportive of healing, and also the foods that should be avoided.  All food choices and dietary strategies are evidence-based and will get you on the fast track towards healing.

The Cancer Cured Exercise Program

The Cancer Cured Exercise Program will give you a simple yet powerful way to supercharge your healing process by performing the most health-promoting exercises known to man.  As always, this regimen is evidence-based and the results will speak for themselves.

10 Nutrient Power-Packed Meals

Using the list of foods outlined in the Cancer Cured Diet, this bonus provides 10 simple, delicious and healing meals that can be used to accelerate the body's healing capacity.  This bonus makes it simple to eat in a way that ensures you're getting maximal nutritional support so you can relax and heal.

10 Amazing Cancer Survival Stories

The fact that people worldwide have been using alternative treatment methods and healing from cancer proves that there is another way.  What better way to gain the confidence to try an unorthodox treatment than by reading the inspirational stories of others who have overcome the disease with their own approach?

The Private Cancer Cured Support Group

The Cancer Cured Mastermind Group is a community of people who you can safely communicate with, ask questions and help others on their healing journey.  Share your story, your progress, and get amazing emotional support from people who care.

Now you're starting to see the power of good information!
Ready for a new, healthier you?

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Cancer patients regularly spend $50,000-$100,000 or more for mainstream cancer treatments that are damaging and outdated.  The solutions we present are much more affordable.  In fact, they are an absolute bargain - and they are scientifically proven!

Cancer Cured comes in 3 different packages that are perfect for people with or without cancer.


This package is tailored to people looking for a breakthrough scientific understanding of cancer.  It is an essential read for every human being alive.  You can always upgrade later!

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BONUS!  Infograph: Oranges Vs. Snake Venom, HIV, Cancer, Detoxification, and more! (.PNG)






CANCER CURED money back guarantee

60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident our work will change your life that all packages are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the information in any way, just let us know and we will give you a full refund.

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Want just the paperback?

After three years of anticipation, the Cancer Cured paperback edition is now Available.

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