The Remarkable Health Benefits of Altitude | Elevation

Did you know that living at high altitude on a mountain can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and ALL diseases? In this episode, we discuss the remarkable health benefits of living or vacationing in the mountains, high up above sea level at elevation. You’ll also learn the mechanism underlying the physiological benefits…

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Carbon Dioxide: Miracle Molecule of Life

Carbon dioxide miracle gas of life

The significance and benefits of carbon dioxide to human health, plant growth and the environment are largely misunderstood by people and by society as a whole. When I bring up the healing effects of carbon dioxide in conversation people tend to look at me confused and in disbelief.  This is undoubtedly because politicians and the…

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Dr. Buteyko Reveals the Prime Cause of ALL Disease

Root cause of disease buteyko

Dr. Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was a Ukrianian scientist and physician who made the most significant health discovery in history.  The knowledge of what causes disease in the human body is made clear by his work – and when applied to cancer, his findings synergize with the discovery of Dr. Otto Warburg, painting a very clear…

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