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   When I was 12 years old my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors told us early treatment would give her the best chance of survival, so we rushed her into radiation treatment and hoped for the best.  Doctors told us her treatment was a success. Relieved and expecting a steady recovery, nothing could have prepared us for what happened next.  Instead of my sister and I getting our mother back and my father witnessing the triumphant return of his wife, we were forced to watch her suffer horrific side effects for over six months only to be told the cancer had spread to her liver.  The doctors then administered Chemotherapy and a couple agonizing months later, my mother died and my family and I were left confused, angry, alone and with a big bill to pay.

Since then I have made a promise to her in my heart that I would find the cause and cure for cancer so that no child would have to go through what I did, ever again… This book is my promise.

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