Death Toll Rising: Healthy People Continue Dieing After Receiving Flu Vaccine


“Kiera’s father, Patrick said Kiera had been vaccinated against the flu, and her doctors confirmed that Kiera had contracted the same strain that she had been vaccinated against.”

Deaths of healthy children and adults who received this year’s flu vaccination are being reported all across the United States.

We’ve already revealed that the flu vaccine manufacturers themselves admit there is no research backing the efficacy of their flu vaccine, and the enormous amount of potential side effects from it, so is it any surprise that people are dying as a result of the toxic injections?  When people are injured, paralyzed or die from vaccines, it means they are doing exactly what they were designed for.

Here are a handful of recent deaths from flu vaccines being reported in local media stations:

Hot Dog Vendor Dies of Flu

Chad Rattray was a popular hot dog vendor just outside the Bank of America building in Spokane, Washington.  Chad was well liked and many people were on a first-name basis with him.

After receiving the flu vaccine, Chad died a sudden death on Monday, January 19th after complications related to the flu.  Yes, he died from complications related to the very flu he was vaccinated against.  Chad was 37 years old and had just finished his training to become a Spokane Transit Authority bus driver to help him save up for graduate school.

5-year-old Kiera Driscoll Dies After Flu Vaccine

According to county officials, a fourth child in Clark County has died as a result of the flu.  5-year-old Kiera Driscoll died in January, 2015 from cardiac arrest due to influenza A after receiving the flu vaccine. Kiera’s father, Patrick said Kiera had been vaccinated against the flu, and her doctors confirmed that Kiera had contracted the same strain that she had been vaccinated against. Patrick said his daughter developed a cough and fever on Sunday, and then was taken to a clinic and prescribed steroids and a nebulizer the following day.  Then, he said she collapsed later that day, and after performing CPR on Kiera until paramedics arrived, Kiera died later that day.

26-year-old Katherine McQuestion Dies from Flu Vaccine

Wisconsin news agencies have reported 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion has died from flu complications, after receiving the flu shot. Katherine was a newlywed, and was required to receive the flu shot by her employers.  Hopefully one day her family will be able to sue them for forcing their daughter to accept an un-proven pseudoscientific injection of poison.  Katherine was a radiology technician and worked at St. Catherine’s Medical Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. McQuestion’s mother said her daughter was healthy, beautiful and smart. She married in September, and her funeral was held on Tuesday.

3-Year-Old Ayzlee McCarthy Dies of Flu after Flu Shot

Three-year-old Ayzlee McCarthy spent the day after Christmas running and playing in her parent’s house in Iowa.  The next day she began showing symptoms of the illness, and died influenza A and B with sepsis just three days later

Ayzlee’s mother Amber McCarthy said ‘She was healthy, she had a flu shot — the whole thing is so unreal.’

14-year-old Amber Gray Dies after Flu Vaccine

Amber Gray was just 14-years-old when she died at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines.  She was pronounced dead on December 28th, 2014 from complications from the flu, after receiving the flu vaccine.


As the death toll of people who received the flu vaccine continues to rise, it’s time for the rest of us to acknowledge the potential fraud and deceit by our healthcare systems and those in charge of the vaccine industry.  Whether you think it’s likely that vaccines have been created with the intent to harm or heal doesn’t matter.  Since we are all working together to find the truth, what’s most important is that we recognize at least in some cases, the flu vaccine is not only failing to protect people from contracting the flu, but is actually giving people the flu and the idea that the vaccine itself killed these otherwise healthy people is highly probable.  Are you awake yet?