Edible Bus Stop turns London Transit Routes into Community Gardens

Edible bus stop london

Originating as a guerilla garden project near a bus stop in London, England, The Edible Bus Stop beautifies neglected landscapes around bus stops by converting them into community gardens.

In an interview with The Guardian, the group’s founder Mark Gilchrist revealed that when a small strip of land was offered for sale, a group of locals created a garden and started growing food in it for all to share and enjoy.

With many more Edible Bus Stops now being created, their goal is to have a network of community gardens that follows and spans the entirety of the bus network.

To help the project grow, Edible Bus Stop is searching for sponsors to expand the project and volunteers to plant and tend to the gardens.  Community gardens help feed people living within cities, they make food healthier and more abundant, and they add life and beauty to the landscape, which inspires happiness and a sense of community into the people living there.

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