Since the beginning of time, man has used nutrition and natural medicines found in various plant and animal foods to heal from illness.  It wasn't until very recently, less than 100 years ago, that medicine was redefined to include primarily the use of surgery and synthetic drugs.

This experiment involving drugs and surgerical-based medicine has spanned sufficient time that the results, which have been published in hundreds of scientific papers by scientists from all countries of the world, can be officially tallied and reported.  Regarding these issues all one can hear is silence coming from the mainstream media, likely due to conflicts-of-interest caused by pharmaceutical advertising on news networks.  On behalf of all human beings alive we will make the determination in this writing.

First we are going to assess the efficacy of existing treatments offered by modern medicine and then present what I believe to be a more reasonable approach including the highly sought after nutritious diet.  Nutrition has always been the absolute best medicine for man, yet the world of nutrition has been turned on its head through ignorance and purposeful disinformation.  It's from natural medicines that we have come, and to natural medicines we will return.

Modern Medicine: The Failure of Drugs and Surgery

Nutrition and the Failure of Modern Medicine, Drugs and Surgery

Since medicine was redefined to mean surgery and drugs in the 1940's, prominent scientists have been studying their efficacy and publishing the results in scientific journals worldwide.  Although hundreds of studies exist, it wasn't until 2002 when a number of scientists asked the question: Is modern medicine killing us? and got to work finding an answer.

Drs Gary Null, Carolyn Dean and their team collected and read every peer-reviewed study that had ever been published on doctor-induced injury and death.  Their review was published in 2002 and was called Death by Medicine.  The study concluded that conventional medicine is "the leading cause of death" in the United States.(R)

Since the medical industry is a for-profit business, with shareholders who want to see an increase in profits every year, what do you think the chances are that this trend has reversed between then and now?  The reality is the medical industry is likely killing more people today than ever before.  It's revelations like this that have spurred doctors like Dr. Richard Shulze to say things like, “We’re going to look back at this century and we’re going to laugh eventually, but we’ll cry first.  This is one of the most barbaric periods.  It’s going to be called the Dark Ages of Medicine.”

At the end of the day, businesses do what businesses do: They are there to generate revenue.  For the millions of people who have suffered and died needlessly from drug and surgical-based procedures, who is there to blame for their deaths other than themselves?  Nobody is forcing anybody to go to see their family doctors and it's at these voluntary visits where drugs and knives are prescribed.  The truth remains:  There's almost nothing a medical doctor can do for you that won't make your health worse.  Is it any wonder that medical doctors have a rate of suicide that's as high as 4.5x higher than the general public?

What we need now is a new understanding of the most important factor in the maintenance of health:  Nutrition. The only problem is if you ask 100 people what the healthiest diet is, they will likely all have different ideas.  Furthermore, each one of those people will pretend they are right, even if they can't show you one piece of evidence to support their theories.

The reality is what many people believe are healthy foods simply are not.  After experimenting with just about every fad diet I could get my hands on, I believe I've finally found the principles, each of which has been derived from scientific study, that make up the ultimate human diet for every human being alive.

I soon intent to build an ecourse and provide all of the information step-by-step and in detail, but for now some of the concepts can be found in the list of articles I've written below.  I hope you enjoy them and that they help you take your health to a new level.

Evidence-Based Nutrition Research

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