dr yu detoxification protocol

We are all being exposed to numerous toxic chemicals everyday, and if we want to survive in this toxic world it is essential that we learn how to remove the chemicals that have taken years to ingest and accumulate. 

Dr. George Yu has developed an advanced detoxification protocol for those serious about removing large quantities of poisonous chemicals through their skin and intestinal tract.  It involves Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, rebounding, and a sauna in that order.

Niacin – Vitamin B3

Niacin has been used successfully in drug rehabilitation for decades to help detoxify patients.  As Dr. Yu explains, “when you have a fat cell, and all the toxic chemicals are stored in it… when you give it niacin, the fat cell explodes and the stuff comes out.”  He continues, “What comes out?  The fatty acids, but also the toxic chemicals.”  The niacin stimulates release of toxins from your fat cells, then it has the opportunity to exit the body through the skin or through the GI tract.

Doses of Vitamin B3 range from 50mg to 5000mg (or 5 grams).
Directions from Dr. Yu indicate to start small, and then on subsequent sessions, increase your dose all the way up to 5000mg.

Warning:  Niacin will cause your skin to flush and become red and hot.   Taking too much too soon may feel like a sunburn.


After your dose with Niacin, hop on the rebounder and begin exercising for 15-20 minutes to get the toxins even more mobilized in your blood stream.  Exercise, and a rebounder in particular, will help expel the toxins and get your blood and lymph systems moving to help aid in the removal and elimination of poisons.

Dry Sauna

After your 30 minutes of exercise are up, and with the niacin flush active, go immediately into the sauna for about 40 minutes to sweat out the newly-released chemicals.  “Do this everyday for about a month”, says Dr. Mercola, “and that should get rid of most of the toxins in your system.”  He goes on to say “This will get rid of not only the chemicals in your system, but it will also get rid of heavy metals – mercury, aluminum, fluoride, things we just don’t know how to get rid of.”

Additionally, Dr. Yu gives some of his patients bentonite clay, or activated charcoal to help pull the toxins out through the digestive system.  This is an optional 4th step in his detox protocol.  Decide for yourself if it’s right for you.

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