Incredible Food Forest has Over 150 Types of Fruits and Vegetables on 1/4 Acre of Land

beacon food forest

Longtime gardener and permaculture educator Dr. Bob Randall has a created a food forest, just outside his front door, that produces 90% of the food he consumes.

In a world where the front and back yards of the majority of homes are being used to grow inedible grass, wasting gas, fertilizer, and the time it takes to maintain it, Dr. Bob Randall has chosen to do something different with his space.  Responsible for establishing 135 gardens across the city of Houston, Texas, Dr. Randall is helping produce food for the city, and produces most of his own food in his own front and back yards.

After receiving his doctorate in Ecological Anthropology from UC Berkeley in 1977, he began working in pesticide research for the World Health Organization (WHO).  “I was getting ill from pesticide poison in the labs and couldn’t stand the chemistry labs any more,” Randall says.

Needless to say, Randall quit his position working with the WHO and began investigating how to sustainably produce food.

Permaculture, he discovered, was the answer.   Permaculture is the development of self-sustainable ecosystems which are often used to produce food, and with an impressive assortment of organic edible fruit and vegetables, Dr. Randall has created for himself an oasis of healthy and medicinal foods for years to come.

With the right information, all types of edible foods can be grown naturally, without the need for pesticides, or herbicides whatsoever.  See the video below for a tour of the permaculture food forest.