Near-Infrared Light Therapy Machine

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  • Experience the power of light medicine technology.
    760nm – 25%
    830nm – 25%
  • Deep penetrating near-infrared light therapy
  • 30 degree beam angle for deep tissue penetration
  • Includes free power cord with switch
  • 50,000+ hour LED lifespan
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The Near-Infrared Light Therapy Machine is a powerful light therapy device comprised of 12 wavelength-specific light emitting diodes which powerfully stimulate cellular energy metabolism.  Simply shine the light on a body part of your choice and the light will enhance oxygen use by cells.

Red and near-infrared light therapies are backed by over 50,000 scientific studies to date and are proven beneficial for dozens of diseases and conditions in humans and animals.

Light Spectrum
760nm – Near-Infrared
830nm – Infrared
Power Spec
18 Watts of Light
Fits Any E27 Screw Lamp
North American Plug Available
Completely silent
More Info
1 Year Warranty
Beam Angle: 30 Degrees
Dimensions: 12cm x 14cm
200 mW/cm² @5cm
20 mW/cm² @ 50cm
What's in the Box?
Near-Infrared Light Therapy Machine
Free Braided Power Cord with On/Off Switch
Full-Color Instruction Sheet

red light therapy near-infrared light therapyHow to Use This Product?

  • Screw the LED bulb into the power cord E27 socket, plug the power cord into a wall socket and switch ‘on’.
  • Distance:  Apply the light from 0-90cm to the body.
  • Session time:  Apply the light for 10-20 minutes and then assess how you feel.
  • Frequency:  Treat 2 to 20 times a week.

Do I need to use eye protection? 

Red and near-infrared light is safe to look at without eye protection.  There’s even evidence to suggest that red and near-infrared light can improve visual acuity in people with age-related macular degeneration.

Benefits of Red-Infrared Light Therapy

“Penetrating red light is possibly the fundamental anti-stress factor for all organisms.  The chronic deficiency of such light is, I think, the best explanation for the deterioration which occurs with aging.”
– Dr. Raymond Peat

Enhanced Energy Production

increased energy production metabolism

Every muscle in the human body requiress energy for performing every task imaginable – from bending down to tie your shoelace to hang gliding off the side of a mountain.  Red and near-infrared light work by powerfully enhancing energy (ATP) production.  More ATP means more energy for you to do the things that you’re passionate about and to fulfill your life’s dreams.

Improves Circulation and Oxygenation

Improves circulation and oxygenation

When cells are not well energized, they begin to suffer from a lack of oxygenation. This lack of oxygen can have damaging effects on every organ and system of the body. With the application of red light, oxygen use by cells is switched back ‘on’ and healing begins to take place.

Smoothes & Rejuvenates Skin

smoothes and rejuvenates skin

Red Light Therapy is FDA approved for skin conditions such as acne – because it works! By providing biological energy directly to skin cells, they are able to heal from blemishes and other dermal imperfections

Boosts the Immune System

boosts immune system

Virtually every disease known to man is characterized by a compromised immune system. The immune system is your body’s first line of defense against bacterial and viral infections and diseases of all types. Red and near-infrared light can enhance the immune system, which in part explains it’s remarkable healing effects for dozens of diseases and conditions.

Melts Body Fat & Smoothes Cellulite

melts body fat smoothes cellulite

Shine red light on your fat before exercising and you could double the amount of fat loss compared with exercise alone, according to the findings of a 2015 study. Remarkably, other research has shown that even without lifting a single weight or doing any exercise at all, red light therapy can ‘melt’ off significant amounts of body fat from the waist, hips and thighs in as little as two weeks.

Increases Strength & Muscle Mass

increases strength and muscle mass

Red and Near-infrared light therapies have proven so effective for increasing strength, muscle mass and for enhancing athletic performance that athletic associations worldwide have considered banning it. Any athletes not using red light therapy are at a significant disadvantage.

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red light therapy near infrared endalldisease

Near-Infrared Light Therapy Machine

Includes Light Therapy Machine, Free Power Cord with On/Off Switch and Full-Color Instruction Sheet.

$125.00 $99.00
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