What is Red Light Therapy?

A heavyweight among healing therapies, infrared and red light therapies use a range of both visible and invisible wavelengths of light to deliver energy to cells, stimulating healing and relieving pain. 

Infrared and red light theraparies have no known adverse side effects and have been proven extremely effective by hundreds of studies all across the world.


Benefits of Infrared/Red Light Therapy:

  • Enhances brain function1,2,3
  • Accelerates healing4
  • Increases bone density5,6
  • Increases testosterone7
  • Reduces anxiety and depression8
  • Reduces inflammation9
  • Reduces acne10
  • Reduces pain11,12,13,14,15
  • Regrows hair on a balding scalp16
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Full-Body Light

Red (670 nm) & Infrared (830 nm)


Infrared Light

Infrared (760 nm + 830 nm)


Infrared Light

Infrared (830nm)

Infrared light mini

Infrared Mini

Infrared (760 nm + 830nm)

“Metabolism is unquestionably stimulated by the reflex action set out by the light rays impinging upon the nerve endings of the skin and retina… oxidation of living tissues is increased by the action of sunlight.  In human beings as well as in animals, less carbon dioxide is emanated at night than during the same number of hours of daylight.”

- Dr. John Harvey Kellogg


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