Studies Show Crops Enhanced with Ocean Minerals Superior in Every Way

Food crops o ocean mineral fertilizer superior

Ocean Mineral FertilizerTwentieth-century Scientist and medical doctor Maynard Murray was perplexed that although Americans were living longer than ever before, chronic illness, degenerative diseases and physiological suffering were steadily increasing.  On his quest for the key to improve human health, Dr. Murray began by studying animal species that do not get cancer.

Dr. Murray discovered that sea animals show no signs of cancer, or any degenerative diseases. To study this remarkable resistance, Dr. Murray fertilized crops with diluted sea water, and found this grew plants that were remarkably improved—with virtual immunity to disease. This insight launched Dr. Murray‘s lifetime of research to document and understand why plant health was so significantly improved.

Dr. Maynard Murray discovered the secret to health in sea water! He discovered our health—or lack thereof—is directly dependent upon minerals and trace elements in the food we eat. Dr. Murray believed that minerals and trace elements depleted from soils due to farming, erosion, leaching, and poor soil management needed to be replenished.

As a medical doctor, Murray was impressed that sea water has 90 of 92 elements in The Periodic Table of Elements. Not only does ocean water contain every single element necessary for the health of all biological life on earth, but it does so in the exact proportions!

Nutrition FactsFrom 1947 to 1980, Dr. Murray‘s experiments consistently showed that soils enhanced with full spectrum ocean minerals grow crops that are superior in every way:

  • Plants grown in soil enriched with full spectrum ocean elements grow faster, larger, stronger, darker, tastier, with higher nutrient density and greater disease resistance
  • Sea minerals were consistently effective in every type of growing system (farm, garden, hydroponics) and crop (vegetables, grains, grapes, small fruits, tree fruits and nuts)
  • Animals offered plants grown in sea-mineral-enriched soil preferred them over conventional feeds, and grew faster, heavier, stronger per pound of feed consumed, with no defects
  • Most revealing: laboratory mice genetically selected by inbreeding to develop breast cancer and die, when fed feeds grown in sea mineral enriched soil, almost none died of breast cancer.  And of their offspring, only 2% died of cancer.

Dr. Murray died in 1984 believing no one cared about his nutritional approach to degenerative disease, and that his lifetime of research would amount to nothing despite declining public health.  We owe it to Dr. Maynard Murray to take life’s work and use it to make a more sustainable and healthy planet for ourselves and future generations.  I highly recommend you get yourself some unrefined ocean mineral fertilizer and Upgrade your farm or garden today!

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