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Urban Farming Guys Transforming Crime-Ridden Missouri City into Sustainable Paradise (VIDEO)

In one of the most dangerous places in the US, Lykins neighborhood, Kansas City, where people can’t sell their homes because people are too afraid to live there, the Urban Farming Guys have been hard at work building a sustainable, thriving community from the inside out. After researching and writing articles on Urban Agriculture, we…

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Aquaponics 101: How to Grow Fish, Vegetables, Eggs, and Prawns

Aquaponics is a method of food production which utilizes two sustainable technologies simultaneously to create an abundance of food. Aquaculture – Growing aquatic creatures in water Hydroponics – Growing plants without using soil Whereas conventional food production uses chemical pesticides to fertilize and nourish plant growth, aquaponics uses the wastes from one system to fertilize…

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