There is a silent revolution going on in the world that is avoided like the plague by all forms of mainstream media:  The production of local, clean and healthy food from within cities, a practise called urban farming or urban agriculture.  Urban farming is not only changing the way the world feeds itself, but it's creating healthier people and a culture that's far more resilient and filled with career opportunities that are both meaningful and fulfilling.

The End of Industrial Agriculture

The current predominant or mainstream agricultural food system in the world relies on utilizes practises which devastate the environment while producing food that's expensive, nearly empty of nutrition and highly toxic.  The experiment of growing and consuming genetically modified food has been a disaster, as countless studies have found links between the use of the glyphosate-containing sprays like roundup and cancer as well as pretty much every other disease and condition known to man.  The only people that truly benefit from industrial agriculture are the large corporations selling genetically modified seeds, as well as expensive farm equipment and chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.  Ironically the profits of the industries who are there to provide nourishment for people come at the expense of the health and quality of life of all humans and virtually all biological life on earth.

Furthermore, the average age of farmer's in the United States is almost 60 years, and there aren't enough young farmers wanting to replace them.  This means we need MANY more people producing food.  This is great news for the youth who feel massive amounts of hopelessness and uncertainty about their future in this world.  Suddenly there exists abundant opportunity for millions of youth to get involved in careers which are highly-fulfilling and will help create a healthier, more sane and rational world.

There have been many incredible urban farming startups that have emerged in recent years that the world needs to know about.  If the people who owned the media wanted to create a better world, it's news stories on people successfully producing highly-nutritious food locally that we would see on there.  Finally, we have an abundance of news worth looking at that can inspire us and give us all hope as we create a better future for the children of this world.

Before we move onto the inspiring farming methods and startups which are revolutionizing how the world eats, if you want to learn more about the problem of industrial agriculture and the ecological devastation it has caused, below are a number of resources for you to check out.

Urban Farming: From the Rooftops to the Underground

The limited space that exists within cities to grow food has forced urban farmers to get creative with the ways they produce food.  This is part of what makes urban farming beautiful.  Some of the many forms in which urban farming comes that we will detail below include:

  • Vertical farming in skyscrapers
  • Rooftop greenhouses
  • School gardens
  • Gardening in abandoned ghetto neighborhoods
  • Intensive farming on small acreages
  • Edible bus stops
  • Urban beekeeping
  • Underground farms
  • Guerilla grafting fruit-bearing branches onto existing city trees

Some farmers, like Vancouver, British Columbia's own Curtis Stone of Green City Acres, makes massive amounts of food and profits on land that he has borrowed for free.

I hope you enjoy the following growing list of inspirational people engaging in food production using ever-innovative urban farming methods.