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Welcome!  I’m Mark Sloan, bestselling author, online entrepreneur and founder of End All Disease.

We live in a world where almost everything commonly believed about nutrition, exercise and other aspects of health are wrong and actually making people's health worse.  I've created this website to cut through the disinformation and deliver evidence-based health and nutrition information that can help you conquer any existing health issues and perhaps for the first time in your life, help you feel truly alive.

My passion for knowledge and seeking truth came after I lost my mom to cancer when I was 12 years old.  Since then I've been learning at a relentless pace;  I've read hundreds of books and thousands of scientific studies, all of which contribute to my very unique perspective on health and life.

Whether you're already in good health or your suffer from any kind of illness or disease, the information contained on this website properly applied can help you achieve even greater health.

First let’s begin with a definition of what it means to be healthy.


A Matter of Energy

What is Health?

The finest example of what it means to be healthy is to look at a child or a young puppy:  Both are playful, endlessly curious and most importantly, BURSTING with energy.

When the body has enough energy to perform all the vital tasks it requires for peak function, we thrive in good health.  Indeed, health is a matter of energy.

As we age, our energy levels begin to decline along with the creative physical and mental expressions that that energy once animated.  Eventually the fateful day comes when the body’s energy levels become so low that consciousness leaves the body and our souls proceed on a cosmic vacation.

The good news is that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve felt energized and alive, these feelings can be restored by making the right lifestyle and dietary changes.  The goal of this website is to help you give your body everything it needs so that you can feel incredible, maximize your productivity and success in all areas of your life, and boldly execute your life’s purpose.

Below is our 6-step system for ending all disease.

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Step 1:

Clean Up Your Internal Environment

If your goal is to be your healthiest and best possible self and yet everyday you're rubbing poison into your armpits, brushing your teeth with toxic toothpaste and scrubbing your body head to toe with shampoo and bodywash filled with metabolic-inhibiting chemicals, you've got a long way to go!

Environmental chemicals, our exposure to which is almost entirely in our control, are readily absorbed through the skin where they powerfully inhibit efficient energy production in our bodies.  On a cellular level, these chemicals deactivate a very sensitive enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase, which catalyzes the final step of energy production called oxidative phosphorylation.  If you don't halt the influx of chemicals into your body, the gradual decline of energy we see with aging will be inevitable.

Cleaning up the personal care products you use on a daily basis is step one.  By reducing or eliminating the sources of toxins you're exposed to, you will consciously halt their accumulation in your cells and tissues, and this will allow your body to begin detoxifying the burden of chemicals that's already inside you.

Step 2:

Clean Up Your External Environment

Sure, you can't scrub the chemicals from the smoggy air you breathe in your city or eliminate the invisible radioactive isotopes leaking from the nuclear reactor upwind of you, but it is within your power to eliminate over 90% of your exposure to toxic materials in your external environment.

For example, the water you drink and bathe in can contain thousands of different chemicals, including pharmaceutical drug residues, chlorine metabolites, pesticide sprays, because for whatever reason, the public agencies that we pay to clean our water continue to use ineffective and toxic methods to clean our water.

I recently contacted and expressed my frustration to the public waste water treatment plant here in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, saying "Why the hell can't you just push all the city water through an osmotic membrane and then saturate it with ozone before sending it to the public instead of using poisons like chlorine and sending it back to us with toxic metabolites in the water?"  Their response?  They basically said all the water is safe and that the high TDS reading of my tap water (a whopping 595ppm) is just magnesium and calcium.  Wow!  Apparently I was mistaken and our city water is actually just a healthy mineral serum.

There are many other upgrades required to clean up your external environment besides drinking water.  Click the following button to see the upgrades.

Step 3:


The great renaissance physician Paracelsus once wrote "It is from nature that the disease comes, and from nature comes the cure, not from physicians."  It's obvious to most of us by now that we need nothing more than clean and nutritious food in order to prevent and cure disease.  Afterall, our bodies are comprised of the proteins, carbohydrates and fats contained in the food we eat.

However, the biggest problem with nutrition in the world today is that almost everything that your average person believes is healthy is not healthy.  From mistaken beliefs to blatant disinformation designed to keep the conveyor belt of sick people rolling into their doctors to buy more drugs, it's time to understand the truth about nutrition.

It's been my goal for around 15 years to discover the ultimate human diet.  I've tested all the fad diets - raw vegan, raw meat, paleo, zero carb & ketogenic - and it was the dietary principles I applied following the damage caused by all of those fad diets that I believe are the ultimate human diet.

Before you begin learning these key dietary principles, it is essential that you humble yourself and open your mind to the possibility that everything you know could be wrong.  Forget all of it.  We need to start from scratch - nutrition101.  We will begin by exploding the most common nutrition myths, then distill a set of dietary principles gathered from scientific evidence that you can apply to your life and see the results for yourself.

Coming Soon

Step 4:


Everybody knows that exercise is essential for peak health; most don’t know why physiologically (we’ll get to that) but almost everyone seems to understand that they need to exercise.

Yet the reality is that most people are either not exercising enough, or exercising in the entirely wrong ways.  Some have this idea that exercise needs to involve 2 hours of exhaustive work every day in the gym so they basically give up and don’t exercise.  Others who do exercise get involved with types of exercise that are either physically or biochemically damaging and end up making their health worse.

  • Some people damage their health by doing exercises that are excessively stressful and actually accelerate the aging process and physical degeneration.
  • Some people damage their joints by using excessive weight.
  • Some people damage their bodies by using gym equipment that is so poorly designed it should be thrown into a fire.

As the highly regarded Stuart McGill-trained lower back expert Dr. Cambridge once told me in a session I had with him, “Unless you’re a professional athlete who needs to do heavy squats to pay the bills, you probably shouldn’t do them.”  For most people, lifting an impractical amount of weight that you’ll never need to lift outside the gym simply is not worth it.  What’s the point of exercising if it will basically turn you into a cripple when you’re older?

Some of the core principles of the evidence-based End All Disease exercise system is as follows:

  1. Strength: Making day-to-day physical lifting and other movements easier.
  2. Health: Improving overall physical and mental health.
  3. Longevity: Making the body last as long as possible instead of tearing it down.

Whether you’re young and want to get unbelievably strong and pack on 10-20 pounds of lean muscle or 60 years old and want to move around easier and heal old injuries, my evidence-based exercise program will help you achieve your goals.

“If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.”
- Thomas Jefferson


Step 5:


In a for-profit system of medicine, many diagnostic methods and tests lean heavily towards overdiagnosis and overtreatment.  This means that receiving a screening test or even an annual ‘routine physical’ could result in you being diagnosed and treated for a disease that you don’t even have.  And considering many medical treatments are both expensive and dangerous, an incorrect diagnosis could leave you bankrupt and physically debilitated or even dead – all unnecessarily.

Thanks to modern technology and the genius of one inventor, we now have a diagnostic tool that can measure what is and will forever be the most accurate indicators of overall health.  The concentration of a few very specific parameters within your exhaled breath is a spotless window into how your body’s metabolism is functioning.  This data can then be used to pinpoint where deficiencies in the metabolic process are occurring, which can then lead to the implementation of a healing protocol to correct the root cause of those deficiencies.

This tool can be used not only to determine your overall level of health, but can also be used to monitor your progress towards recovery after diagnosing and then executing nutritional, exercise or other lifestyle changes to correct any issues.  Finally, the most accurate arbiter of ascertaining overall health of the human body is available for use in the comfort of your own home.

Coming Soon

Step 6:


Western culture promotes the idea that humans are inherently destructive to the natural world; as if no matter what we do we are always going to be a force for environmental degradation.  The reality is that we can be just as beneficial to our environment as we can be destructive.  What determines our impact is the way we obtain the resources we need for survival.  In short, large cities have got the design wrong.

Clean food, clean water, clean air and shelter are the primary necessities of every human.  Yet not a single bite of food exists in grocery stores that doesn’t contain poison either on it or in it.  The water that comes out of our taps is a toxic chemical soup, transported unnecessarily using insane amounts of pollutant energy.  Modern homes are expensive to build, expensive to maintain and if one of the centralized systems - for example, electricity - upon which they depend are interrupted, they become unliveable.  Get ready to be hoarded and crammed into the nearest school gym or sports stadium with all your neighbors and hope that someone brings you food.

There’s a better way and we must build it.