Sea Cucumber Alternative Cancer Treatment: Your Complete Guide

sea cucumber cancer

The ancient Chinese medicine sea cucumber has potent anti-cancer and pro-metabolic effects in animals and in people, without causing any harm or side effects.  Whether you wish to treat cancer or other symptoms and diseases, in this article, you’ll learn the science behind sea cucumber medicine, and where to obtain some so you can begin healing…

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Toothpaste Ingredients‏

Brushing teeth

Toothpaste is one item that nearly everyone uses today, but what makes this concoction so special? Whether you brush your teeth once per day or three times per day, chances are that you’ve never taken the time to read that ingredient list. Even though toothpaste (in some form or another) has been around as long…

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Toxic Toothpaste and Healthy Toothpaste that is Not Poison

Toxic toothpaste

If you are using any commercial toothpaste, you’re probably brushing your teeth with toxic waste – poisoning yourself, poisoning the environment, and sending a message to the corporation that manufactured the paste that you support them putting poisons in their toothpastes. In a world where corporations control the government, the power to control the corporations…

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