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Government Caught Lying About Vaccine Dangers at Senate Hearing (VIDEO)

In a hearing before the US senate in February 2014, senator Elizabeth Warren asked Dr. Schuchat a series of questions regarding vaccines, and the response to her very first question makes her one of two things:  Uninformed, or a Conspirator. [quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Senator Elizabeth Warren: Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism? Dr.…

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Death Toll Rising: Healthy People Continue Dieing After Receiving Flu Vaccine

“Kiera’s father, Patrick said Kiera had been vaccinated against the flu, and her doctors confirmed that Kiera had contracted the same strain that she had been vaccinated against.” Deaths of healthy children and adults who received this year’s flu vaccination are being reported all across the United States. We’ve already revealed that the flu vaccine…

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Flu Shot Insert Admits: "No Controlled Trials Demonstrating a Decrease in Influenza"

The brainwashing of the medical community has been so effective that even when flu vaccine companies openly admit that there is no scientific evidence supporting them, and life-threatening dangers, they fail to acknowledge the fraud. People who receive the flu shot are almost never given the insert sheet, and if they were they would quickly…

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