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Tumors are Chronic, Unhealing Wounds

Tumor or wound x-ray -

For hundreds of years people have responded to the presence of tumors on the human body with shock, fear and sometimes utter terror.  The mistaken and irrational belief that a tumor was some kind of genetic monster lurking beneath the flesh has long been the justification for barbaric treatments such as surgery, cautery and chemotherapy.…

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The Unvaccinated Amish Rarely Get Cancer, Autism or Heart Disease… Coincidence?

The Amish - no vaccines, no cancer

The Amish are a group of traditional Christian people with Swiss origins.  They rarely receive vaccines, and they rarely come down with diseases like cancer, autism or heart disease.  Coincidence?  Let’s dig deeper and find out. All parents want best for their children, and I think we can all agree that we should be raising…

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Is Cancer a Genetic Disease?

Is cancer a genetically mutated monster?

The cancer industry is fully committed to the idea that a cancer cell is a genetic frankenstein cell whose only goal is to destroy and kill the patient.  This is the only way the use of knives (surgery), toxic injections (chemotherapy) and ionizing radiation (radiotherapy) can be justified as treatments.  If it is ever proven…

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