Doctors are human beings and make mistakes like the rest of us, and according to a 1995 publication in Journal of Urology in Baltimore, the rate of accidents during circumcision ranges from 1.5% to 15%, which raises the question – is it worth it?

This article I’ve written to show you the physical risks of having your baby circumcised in hopes that it will make you to think twice about circumcision.  After researching the subject thoroughly and weighing the benefits vs the risk, I think it is one of the most despicable and monstrous things you could do to a human life.

Hospitals benefit from circumcision because they are paid money by cosmetic companies, who purchase the foreskin from them to make and sell skin creams based on the belief that fibroblasts contained within the foreskin help keep skin youthful.  In a survey of 546 men who reported circumcision harm,a  staggering 29% of respondents “reported dependence on substances or behaviors to relieve their suffering (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food and/or sexual compulsivity)”.  It is likely that the porn industry is well aware that abolishment of circumcision would lead to a sharp decline in the compulsive use of pornography.   This is clearly something the porn industry doesn’t have in their interests and it means that those financially involved with the industry have an opportunity to increase profits by maintaining or increasing circumcision rates.We now have evidence that circumcision results in permanent brain damage, that it increases a baby’s chance of developing autism by 46%, has troublesome lifelong mental and emotional effects for the man, and it even has numerous deleterious health effects on female sexuality.  Of course the government also benefits from circumcision because in order to steer humanity and rule over a population they must control our thoughts.  Govern means “to control”, and “ment” comes from the latin word “mente” which means “mind”.  As U.S. mind-control experiments conducted in the 1960’s have revealed, an effective pre-requisite to the control of a human mind is severe trauma to the individual, which circumcision seems to impart.

All these important factors aside, what can happen  if the doctor makes a mistake and totally botches your baby’s penis? Let’s take a look at some graphic examples below:

Warning! The following images are graphic.  This is nasty stuff, and if you don’t want to see images of penises botched by circumcision, click here.

1. Skin Tags:

A skin tag is a piece of the foreskin that wasn’t cut off and remains free-hanging after circumcision.  As the website circumstitions points out, “if you think that such a tag might serve to stimulate a sexual partner, just think what a whole foreskin could do!”


2. Scarring

Anytime you make an incision to flesh or amputate a body part there is always a risk of scarring.

scar1 scarring3. Unevenness

Probably the least serious kind of damage from circumcision because it posts no additional health effects other than the removal of 20,000 – 70,000 nerve endings, the unevenness from an error during circumcision challenges the notion that circumcision makes a penis look better.

uneven8 uneven64. Gangrene

This is where shit gets real. I might even throw up before finishing this article.  This next possible complication with circumcision is rare, but since circumcision isn’t necessary, neither is gangrene.

In this next example, a PlastibellTM device was used to circumcise a 6-day-old baby “without incident”.  Two days later his penis became swollen and blistered, and the child developed a fever.  Antibiotics were given to treat the baby, and then two days later, complications with his scrotum developed and he was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis (Fournier’s gangrene or “galloping gangrene”).  An operation was performed to remove dead tissue from the baby’s scrotum, penile skin and lower abdominal wall.

fasc1 fasc25. Wound Re-Opening

These circumcision wounds that continued to reopen into the male baby’s adult life were all caused by the Tara KLamp in Kwazulu Natal.

wound-dehiscence1 wound-dehiscence2 wound-dehiscence4-tk6. Excessive Cutting

When too much skin is cut off during circumcision, the results can be disastrous and completely destroy the sexuality of that human being for his entire life.  The last one shows the death of a penis glans 13 days after the circumcision was performed.  The operation made his penis look like a mushroom.

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