Resources - Top 30 life hacks to instantly improve your health

We all have areas of our health that can be improved. This list of life hacks is your greatest resource for finding the products and tools you need to significantly boost your health, clean up your environment, monitor your health and accelerate your healing process.

Over the past 15 years I have spent thousands of dollars testing and experimenting with hundreds of different products, services, technologies and healing tools to improve my health and life.  I call them upgrades or life hacks.

These life hacks include various nutrients, drugs, detoxification methods, advanced healing technologies, exercise equipment, health diagnostic tools and hundreds of books.  People often ask me what I use and recommend to get an ‘edge’ in energy, brain function, healing, exercise performance and to help supercharge their health in general so I decided to publish this valuable list of life hacks for everyone who is interested.

All of the life hacks on this page are here because I’ve tested them myself and they have improved my life.  No matter what area of your health or life you’re trying to improve, this page will save you the time, money and headache of having to test products yourself by introducing you to the most effective tools for the job.


One of the biggest obstacles of being in good health is our heavily contaminated environment.  Poison is in the air we breathe, it’s added to the water we drink and shower in, and it’s in the food we eat.  Yes, some contaminants are unavoidable, but our exposure to at least 90% of the toxins in our environment is in our hands – and whether or not we are exposed to them is our choice.

The goal is to minimize our exposure as much as possible to environmental toxins by making simple upgrades or life hacks.  Every change that you make is like a ‘level up’ in a video game and you should reward yourself for such accomplishments.


What’s worse than slapping a pricetag and a label that says ‘deodorant’ onto a stick of toxic waste?  Slapping a label that says ‘organic deodorant’ and a higher pricetag onto a stick that’s equally toxic!  Yes, there are so many brands that you’ll find in the ‘health food’ section of stores that are marketed to appear as if they’re safe to use but they have a ton of poisons in them.  At least the ‘regular’ brands don’t claim to be healthy.  Anyways, I’ve (frustratingly) tested probably a dozen different deodorants over the years until I finally found one that is clean and works well.  It’s got four ingredients: organic corn starch, palm oil, sodium bicarbonate and tea tree oil – and it works far better than anything I’ve ever tried, including the toxic deodorants found in drugstores.

Click here to see the deodorant I use.


Wiping your a** with toilet paper is like showering by wiping your body with a dry towel: IT DOESN’T WORK!  Not only that, but many brands of toilet paper contain a number of toxic chemicals, including the powerful hormone dusruptor bisphenol-a.  For these reasons, I’ve purchased a bidet and have been using it for over 5 years.  Now, I almost never have to buy T.P. (I use only a couple slices of T.P. to dry things off) and never get any itching in my nether regions like the rest of you unhygenic toilet paper-users.

Click here to see the bidet I use.

Air Purifier

Everybody knows the outdoor air is polluted, but studies have shown that indoor air is 2-5x more polluted than outdoor air.  This is due to the toxic vapors that offgas from paints, fabrics and basically everything on our floors, walls and ceilings.  I chose the Austin Air purifier because it was shown in a study by FEMA to be the most effective air purifier in the world for removing dust, pollen, smoke, chemical vapors, gases, viruses and bacteria from the air.  It filters air through a carbon filter (made from sustainable crushed coconut shells), a zeolite filter (made from minerals derived from volcanic ash), and also a HEPA filter.  Turn it on once and leave it on for 5 years without having to ever change the filter.  I noticed the air smelled cleaner, cooler and more crisp within a minute of switching it on and the sound of the fan actually helps me sleep at night.  I’ve had the healthmate jr. on in my room running 24/7 for the past 5 years and I absolutely love it.

Click here to see the air purifier I use.

Organic Bed Sheets

After discovering the long list of toxic chemicals used in modern fabrics, I realized that I needed to do something to protect myself.  Unfortunately organic cotton clothing is extremely expensive and difficult to source, so my compromise was that at least during the 8 hours that I spend sleeping with my nose pressed against fabric, I will protect myself from the harmful pesticides, dyes, anti-odor, anti-static, antimicrobial chemicals, etc. that are added to conventional fabrics.  Not only does organic cotton fabric feel better on the face, but it feels good going to bed at night knowing I am not inhaling and absorbing toxic chemicals.

Click here to see the organic bed sheets I use.

Shower Filter

Some public drinking water analysis’ have found over 2000 different toxic chemicals in public water supplies tested.  As soon as I found that out, I knew there was no way in hell I was going to continue showering in (let alone drinking) this water.  I use this shower filter because it filters the water through 8-stages and ensures you get some of the cleanest water possible on your skin and body.

Click here to see the shower filter I use.

Water Filter

Having clean water available to drink and to cook with is obviously a necessity.  Currently I use a 3-stage water filter that I’ve installed under the sink and it works well.  Eventually I want a home with my own well, which also should be tested and filtered, but that way no politicians can decide what’s in my water supply.

Click here to see the water filter I use.

Shampoo & Soap

The list of toxic ingredients in your average bottle of shampoo or conditioner being sold at the drugstore is terrifying.  I think switching your shampoo or soap to something that won’t kill you if you eat it is an essential step if you want to be healthy.  For shampoo, soap and bodywash I use the same thing:  Dr. Bronner’s pure-castille liquid soap.  It’s got 5 natural ingredients, it smells nice, it cleans well and you could eat it if you wanted to.

Click here to see the shampoo & soap I use.


I brush my teeth using coconut oil.  I’ve also used sodium bicarbonate before and that works very well but I found it made my teeth sensitive after a while so I stopped.  Toothpaste with activated charcoal is even better because the charcoal is antibacterial and also whitens teeth.

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The metabolism of your average person has decreased significantly in the 20th century and even moreso in the past 30 years.  These powerful supplement life hacks can be used to defend against unavoidable environmental contaminants to optimize health.

If you are sick, these life hacks also be used to recover your health and will result in a health benefit for any disease or condition.  These life hacks synergize together and result in greater health benefit than if taken alone.  The correct doses and combinations of these products can result in significant health improvements quite quickly.

Vitamin E

I use vitamin E whenever I eat at a restaurant or any other meal containing a dose of unsaturated fat as a strategy to protect myself from the increased free radical oxidation these fats cause.  Good Vitamin E can be difficult to find.  Here’s the one that I use and recommend because it is pure and contains no additives or fillers.

Click here to see the vitamin e I use.


Found naturally in fruits and vegetables, Aspirin’s active ingredient salicylic acid powerfully shuts off the stress metabolism and has remarkable wide-ranging positive effects.  Many brands I’ve looked at add harmful chemicals to their aspirin, so here’s the brand I take because its only ingredients are ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) and corn starch.

Click here to see the aspirin I use.


Historically, humans consumed every part of the animals they hunted for food.  About 50% of the protein content of an animal is muscle and about 50% comes in the form of gelatin.  Excessive muscle meat unbalanced by gelatin can, for a number of reasons, contribute significantly to diseases of all kinds as well as physical degeneration.  I dissolve 20-30 grams of gelatin in drinks and consume it daily.

Click here to see the gelatin I use.


Pregnenolone is the first hormone produced by the body, and all the other hormones are produced from it.  Without adequate pregnenolone, there is no chance of having sufficient and balanced hormones.  Studies show benefits of all kinds including cognitive enhancement, testosterone increases and it’s even effective for treating people with autism.  While experimenting with pregnenolone supplementation I’ve noticed increased energy, increased feelings of wellbeing and improved sex drive.

Click here to see the pregnenolone I use.


DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is produced from pregnenolone and is the precursor for testosterone and other androgens.  While experimenting with it I’ve noticed powerful boosts in energy, physical stamina and sexual function.  NOTHING I’ve ever tried has had a more positive impact on my sexual function than DHEA.  There is some evidence that taking more than 15mg per day can increase estrogen, so 10-15mg day is all that’s needed.  Here’s the one that I use.

Click here to see the DHEA I use.


Existing methods of testing for hypothyroidism are ineffective, and as a result, we have an epidemic of people who are hypothyroid that don’t know it.  Furthermore, for those who are diagnosed, the treatment method (T4) includes no active thyroid hormone and for many people is making the issue worse.  Dessicated thyroid (dry, powdered animal thyroid gland) has the same natural balance of T3 and T4 that’s produced by the human body under optimal conditions.  I’ve had all the classic symptoms of hypothyroidism, and when I started supplementing dessicated thyroid I noticed an increase in energy, brain function, smoother skin and it completely eliminated my dry scalp.

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Progesterone is another hormone produced from pregnenolone and as it’s name suggests, is involved in female fertility and plays an important role in overall cell function.  It appears an excess of estrogen gone unopposed by progesterone might be the primary cause of miscarriage and infertility.

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There is no shortage of exercise equipment out there.  Many pieces of equipment are actually dangerous and can cause more harm than good.  Furthermore, excessively stressful exercise, such as ultra-endurance or even excessive high intensity strength training, can also cause harm by inducing stress.

In addition to strength training a few times a week, I use both of the following forms of exercise because they are very safe, effective at increasing CO2 in the body and extremely efficient.


I jump on a rebounder as part of my morning routene because it’s fun, playful and is an extremely effective form of exercise.  A rebounder does what no other piece of exercise equipment can: It exercises every single cell in your body, including your muscles, organs, bones and all other tissue.  There’s good reason why somebody coined the term: “Jump for joy.”

Click here to see the rebounder I use.


The following therapies are among the most powerful and effective ever discovered for diseases of all kinds.  They wont be going anywhere so you can get to know them.  Welcome to the future of medicine, today.

Red Light Therapy

I use my red/infrared light therapy device almost everyday and have experienced greater health benefits from it than almost any other healing tool.  EndAllDisease has teamed up with the RedLightMan to bring you an exclusive discount if you use our promocode.

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This page isn’t intended to diagnose or treat disease.  Be sure to consult your doctor before adding these powerful tools to your treatment and healing regimen.  This page is for educational purposes and to familiarize people with some of the more important tools at their disposal.  What you do with this information is solely up to you.

EndAllDisease is not responsible for the use or misuse of this information.


This page contains affiliate links, meaning when you purchase through one of them, I will receive a commission.  This won’t cost you anything extra and it will help support EndAllDisease.  I recommend these products because they have helped me and I hope they can help you too!  Please don’t spend any money on these life hacks unless you feel they will help you on your journey towards health.

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