My Mom Was Murdered-For-Profit by Chemotherapy

Mom was murdered by chemotherapy

I remember laying in bed late at night at the age of 11 – my eyes red, swollen and dripping with tears – hearing my mother crying downstairs from the chemotherapy and calling out to God to put an end to her suffering.

We’ve all seen it happen: Somebody we know is diagnosed with cancer, they are rushed by their doctor into surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and their bodies and minds are in way worse shape than when they went in.  Then they usually die soon after.

How many lives must be sacrificed for profit before people are honest enough to admit the truth?

The Torture and Death of My Mom by Chemotherapy

Me, mom and my sister before mom died of chemotherapy

Left to right: My mom, my sister and I

When I was 11 years old my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  It was plain for anyone to see that she didn’t start dying until doctors injected chemotherapy into her and directed ionizing radiation – the same form of radiation used to kill healthy soldiers at war – at her body.

Before treatment she looked and acted like a healthy woman.  As soon as she received treatment, her legs became so swollen that she could no longer walk and she felt pain 24/7 until her bitter end.  I rememeber hearing her downstairs awake late at night, trying to keep quiet as she cried and begged for God to put an end to her suffering.

I saw my mother get tortured to death before my own eyes at the age of 11, and I’ll never get her back.

Just as our own experience shows us surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are making patient’s health much worse at least, and at most killing them, a scientific review of hundreds of studies out there – like the one I conducted in my book Cancer Cured – suggests the same.

For those who are openminded enough to consider that what your doctor says could be either misinformation or a blatant lie for his own monetary reward, I have infinite respect for you and hope my work saves your life.  For those who angrily reject this information, there’s nobody to blame but yourself if one day you become a victim of cancer treatments.

Cancer ‘Treatments’ are Killing Us

There are a number of ways to address this issue, but the one I’m going to focus on in this article is the myth that cancer treatments ‘are the best treatments we’ve got.’

Not only are mainstream cancer treatments – surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy – NOT the best treatments available, there might be nothing worse you could do to a sick person than cut them, burn them and poison them.  It’s common sense, yet common sense has been lost unfortunately so these things need to be said.

Harming a sick person with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and expecting them to get healthy is like jumping into water and expecting no splash.  Unless you’re an olympic high-diver (comedic relief), it’s simply not reality.

When somebody survives chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it’s not because these so-called treatments had some kind of medicinal effect, it’s because they’re an incredibly strong human being who survived a brutal attack by some of the most harsh weaponry ever developed by man.

You couldn’t do a cancer patient more of a disservice than to cut, burn and poison them.  It was clear that my mother didn’t start dying until she received chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments – I saw it with my own eyes – and below I’m going to prove it using a number of scientific and clinical studies.

Chemotherapy vs. Coconut Oil

One of the ways to make it obvious that chemotherapy is not the best treatment that could be used on cancer patients is to compare it side by side with a nutritious food like coconut oil.

Here are just a few examples in the long list of side effects of chemotherapy compared directly to the benefits of coconut oil.

Bone Health:

  • Chemotherapy causes bone death (1)
  • Coconut oil maintains bone structure and bone loss (2)

Brain Health:

  • Chemotherapy causes long-lasting impairment of concentration, forgetfulness and slower thinking; termed “chemobrain” (3)
  • Coconut improves brain function (4)

Eye Health:

  • Chemotherapy causes severe vision loss and altered color vision (5)
  • Coconut oil can be safely used as eye drops (6)


  • Chemotherapy impairs wound healing (7)
  • Coconut oil accelerates wound healing (8)

Heart Health:

  • Chemotherapy damages the heart (9)
  • Coconut oil prevents blood pressure elevation and improves blood vessel function (10)

Immune System:

  • Chemotherapy causes long-term immune system damage (11)
  • Coconut oil maintains anti-cancer immunity (12)

Liver Health:

  • Chemotherapy damages the liver (13)
  • Coconut oil protects the liver from chemical damage (14)

Sexual Health:

  • Chemotherapy reduces testosterone (15)
  • Coconut oil increasees testosterone (16)

Skin Health:

  • Chemotherapy causes dermatitis (17)
  • Coconut oil heals dermatitis (18)

Sleep Quality:

  • Chemotherapy reduces sleep quality (19)
  • Coconut oil improves sleep quality (20)

Now that you’ve seen chemotherapy compared to a safe and effective medicine like coconut oil, do you still believe a cancer patient is better off after receiving it?

Do you still believe chemotherapy is the best treatment we’ve got?

Chemotherapy for Cancer

Chemotherapy has as bad of a track record as you’d expect from a treatment that injects poison into a sick person.

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In 2016, a number of researchers from the UK looked at how many people were killed directly by chemotherapy within 30 days of treatment.  The study found that 8.4% of people undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer and 2.4% of people treated for breast cancer nationwide were killed by the treatment within 30-days of administration.  When they looked at the numbers from the Milton Keynes Hospital they discovered an even more startling figure: 50.9% of lung cancer patients were killed by chemotherapy within 30-days of treatment.(21)

The survival rates of people who receive chemotherapy show that if it didn’t kill you within 30 days of treatment like the study above, you’ve gotta be very lucky to survive 5 years.

From my book Cancer Cured:

During a follow-up with cancer patients 5-years after receiving chemotherapy, the researchers determined that only 2.1% of patients in the US and 2.3% of patients in Australia were still alive – exposing chemotherapy’s astonishing 98% failure rate.12

Coconut Oil for Cancer

In my book I also present a number of testimonials by people who had been diagnosed with cancer and used various alternative nutrition-based therapies to heal themselves completely.  In the coconut oil chapter, the amazingly inspiring survival story of Julie Figueroa deserves your attention:

Entrepreneur Julie Figueroa of Maryland, Ohio was running a computer company in New York and owned an internet company in the Philippines in 1998.  That same year she had an annual checkup with her doctor and was given a clean bill of health.  “A few months later I began feeling a strange sensation in my breast late October that developed into a sharp pain.”  She went back to her doctor and was immediately referred to an oncologist for testing.  “I was told I had a very aggressive form of breast cancer and needed surgery immediately.”  With no history of cancer in Julie’s family, this news came as a shock to her.  “Before going through with the mastectomy I wanted a second opinion.”

Julie went to a second specialist but they told her the same thing.  She kept trying to find a doctor who would give her a better option and “finally, the fifth doctor told it to me straight, ‘you don’t have a choice.  We don’t even know if we can still save you.  You are at stage 4, the most serious stage, we need to do the surgery immediately.’”

Julie went through with the operation to remove her breast and afterwards underwent several months of chemotherapy.  Doctors told her the cancer was under control but wasn’t completely gone so they kept her on medication afterwards.  Julie decided to go back to the Philippines where she owned a farm that happened to be filled with coconut palm trees.

In 2011, she began to experience painful headaches; “They became so severe that I felt like the bones in my skull were being fractured.”  She went to her doctor in the Philippines and had an x-ray taken.  When she went back the next day for her results, several doctors met with her and said they had never seen anything like the cancer she had.  “Almost half my skull looks like cheese that had been eaten by rats,” described Julie.  When she asked what her chances of survival were, they replied, “In the Philippines, at your stage… none.”

Julie took the next flight back to the United States and went to see her doctor that same day, who scheduled her for emergency surgery to remove the hairline cancer close to the main artery of her brain.  Unfortunately, 20% of the cancer was in the back of her skull over her main artery and could not be removed.  “My chances of survival were grim.  I knew I’d better make the most of the time I had remaining.”

After several months of recovery following surgery, Julie returned to her farm in the Philippines to visit her family.  “I was really weak and would just sit on the hill watching the farmers work among the coconut trees planting coffee seedlings.”  She knew she needed to do something to strengthen her immune system and wanted to plant a medicinal herb garden.  “I started doing research on what medicinal plants I should grow that would boost my immune system…Just about that time, I came across some research on coconut oil.”  She read about the clinical trials in the Philippines where coconut oil was used to cure AIDS patients and figured it might also work for her.

“I started taking 3 to 4 tablespoons of oil a day plus whatever I used in preparing my meals,” she explained.  “I would add it to my oatmeal in the morning, put it in my hot chocolate, cook my meals in it.  I also snacked on fresh coconut and drank coconut juice.”

By July, Julie hadn’t been back for a checkup in nearly six months and was asked to return home.  She flew back to the US and to the complete surprise of her doctors, her cancer was in remission.  They asked her what she had done.  “I told them I found a cure: virgin coconut oil.”

As a child, Julie had grown up around coconut trees in the Philippines.  Her grandmother used to make coconut oil from fresh coconuts, but she never used it because she was told saturated fats were unhealthy.  So instead her family used corn and soybean oil.  “I had coconut oil around me all my life.  It took getting cancer and a desperate search for a cure that made me rediscover this miracle oil.”43


Chemotherapy damages every organ, every cell and every system of the body.  After all this damage from chemotherapy, it’s clear that cancer patients are far closer to death than they were before treatment.  What else would you expect to see after injecting poison into a sick person?  Common sense is restored.

Although I don’t think that coconut oil is a cure for cancer or that it should be used as a sole-treatment for cancer, simply ingesting coconut oil medicinally has proven sufficient to heal some people of advanced cancer after doctors have told them the situation was hopeless.  The best approach to treating cancer is to detoxify the body while consuming multiple medicinal foods and safe, effective medicines.

For more information about the most effective medicines for reversing cancer, check out my book Cancer Cured.  Also read my blog post on how red light therapy can help heal cancer.

“To sell chemotherapy as a ‘therapy’ is most likely the biggest deceit in the history of medicine. Whoever masterminded this chemo-torture deserves a monument in hell.”
– Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D.

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