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Having a cordless phone in your house can be 100 times more of a health risk than using a mobile, report a group of Swedish Scientists.

The popular phones constantly blast out high levels of radiation – even when they are not in use. Landlines are widely thought a safer option than mobiles. But researchers in Sweden now warn cordless phones are far more likely to cause brain tumors than today’s mobiles.

Mobile phones today operate at about 900 megahertz, whereas some cordless DECT phones operate at a whopping 6.0 gigahertz!

Emissions from a cordless phone’s charger can be as high as six volts per metre – twice as strong as those found with a 100 metres of mobile masts. Two metres away from the charger the radiation is still as high as 2.5 volts per metre – that’s 50 times what scientists regard as a safe level!

More Powerful Than Cell Phones

At a metre away the danger is multiplied 120 times – and it only drops to a safe 0.05 volts per metre when you are 100 metres away from the phone. Because of the way cordless phones work, the charger constantly emits radiation at full strength even when the phone is not in use – and so does the handset when it is off the charger.

The most common cancers caused by such radiation are leukaemias. But breast cancer, brain tumors, insomnia, headaches and erratic behavior in kids have also been linked. Those with chargers close to their beds are subjected to radiation while they sleep.

Phone watchdog Powerwatch, using a testing device called the Sensory Perspective Electrosmog Detector, even found electromagnetic fields as strong as three volts per metre in a bedroom above a room holding a cordless phone.

The group’s director, Alasdair Philips said: “As ill-health effects have been found at levels of only 0.06 volts per metre, this is very concerning. It’s likely everyone in a house with a cordless phone will be constantly exposed to levels higher than this.”

The shocking Swedish report – by scientists Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlbery and Kjell Hansson Mild – is backed up by many medical experts who believe cordless phones are a health risk.

Harley Street practitioner Dr David Dowson said: “Having a cordless phone is like having a mobile mast in your house. I’d recommend anyone who has one to switch to a plug-in phone.”

Electromagnetic Upgrade #1: Eliminate Cordless Phones

The radiation from a DECT 2.4GHz cordless base does not just affect individuals within the same room, but actually will affect rooms above, below and in every direction.

When a cordless phone is on a person’s bedroom night table, it means that all night while they are sleeping they are getting a steady dose of radiation to every cell in their body.  The Heart Rate Variability study proved that for many people, this exposure doubles their heart rate.  How restful can sleep be when you’re being blasted with high frequency radiation and your heart is beat twice as fast as it normally would?  The good news is we can eliminate the majority of radio frequency exposures in our homes in one quick UPGRADE.

I went to my local surplus store and found some nice corded phones for my house.  It’s easy to do and it’ll give you a sense of personal power for taking responsibility for your life. Not to mention a more relaxed environment to live in, and more restful sleep.

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