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A study conducted by NASA in 1980 concluded that rebound exercise is not only “68% more efficient than jogging”, it is also “the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man”.


“Rebounding is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that science has found.”
– James White, Ph.D.

Today’s Health Clubs are Lacking.  If you go to a gym to exercise your body and improve its function, you’re going to the wrong place.  Let’s look at what’s missing from today’s health clubs.  They don’t train:
1. The Skeleton
2. Digestive Muscles
3. Eliminative Muscles
4. Eyes/Inner Ears, for balance
5. The Lymph System

Rebounding trains ALL of these areas that health clubs don’t.  Today’s exercise establishments do work, but they can also be very damaging to the body.  My focus is on getting the maximum benefit from exercise with the least possible risk of injury.

1. Safer & More Effective Than Jogging

“Even if they don’t suffer other injuries, runners end up with bad knees, damaged hips, and weak backs – all injuries that arise from the punishing beating the body takes when you run.”
– Fredrick Hahn, The Slow-Burn Fitness Revolution

Eliminates Bodily Trauma:

  • In a report written by Craig McQueen, M.D. and A.W. Daniels, Ph.D., they compared the impact loads of rebounding on a small rebounder vs. running on a hardwood basketball floor.  Their conclusion was that rebounding eliminates as much as 7/8ths or 87.5% of the trauma to the feet, knees and legs.  Since the time of this report, the quality of rebounder springs has improved so much that high-quality rebounders of today may alleviate more than 90% of the trauma.

More Efficient than Jogging:

  • In NASA’s study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers concluded that rebounding was as much as 68% more efficient than treadmill jogging.

2. A Full Body Exercise Unlike Any Other

One of the biggest benefits of rebound exercise is that it exercises every single cell in your body – something no equipment or free-weights in a gym can provide.

Rebounding exercises not only your muscle fibres, but every cell in your body including bone, nerve, brain, connective tissue cells, and even the vital organs and hormone-producing organs of the endocrine system.

Because the forces of acceleration and deceleration are aligned with gravity, all cells in your body are forced to strengthen and adapt to the G-force that it experiences while you’re jumping on a trampoline.

3. It’s Playful, Fun and Relieves Stress

“If you’re having a bad day try this: Jump up and down, wiggle around, you’re going to feel better.”
– Dr. Stuart Brown

The playful state of mind that is innate in all humans and animals is incredibly important for the overall health of the organism.  A healthy brain means a healthy animal, and as Dr. Stuart Brown says in a TED Talk, “Nothing lights up the brain like play.  3-Dimensional play fires up the cerebellum, puts a lot of impulses into the frontal lobe, helps contextual memory be developed, and on and on.”

Jumping is something that kids do to play and have fun.  When you jump on a rebounder you’re reconnecting with your inner child that so many of us have suppressed.  There’s a reason for the saying “Jump for Joy!”

4. Boosts your Immune System

Rebound exercise boosts your immune system in two ways:

1. Increases immune cell activity
In a Study titled “Human lymphocyte activation is depressed at low-g and enhanced at high-g,” astronauts were tested after space flight (Low G) and their lymphocytes (immune cells) were found to be 50% less active than the control group at 1G.

Then, after spinning in a centrifuge for 3 days at 8 G’s of constant force, their lymphocytes were found to be at least twice as active!

2. Increases Lymph Flow
Immune cells are produced inside the body and are transported to where they are needed via the Lymph System.  This second circulatory system of the body transports not only immune cells, but nutrients into the cells after digestion, and cellular debris out of the body.  Rebounding increases lymph flow in the body 10-50x!

“Rebound exercise creates that high G environment necessary to increase the strength and activity of the individual lymphocytes.  This increases the efficiency of the entire immune system both collectively and individually cell by cell.”
– Albert E. Carter

5. Increases Energy and Endurance

197336_209821349029066_111293078881894_852568_7069035_nNo exercise can increase your endurance and energy levels as efficiently as rebound exercise.

The energy “factories” that power each of our cells are called Mitochondria.  Human endurance is directly related to the number of these powder kegs inside the cell.  Whenever their is need for more energy inside the cells, the mitochondria replicate themselves to accommodate that need.

“The more mitochondria you have in the muscles you are using,
the greater the endurance of those muscles.”
– Albert E. Carter

The reason why rebounding is the most efficient at increasing energy and endurance is because ALL of your cells are being challenged about 100x per minute.  Therefore the mitochondria are replicated in every one of your cells simultaneously.  This excess energy that you’ve created from jumping on a rebounder will now be available to you all day long in all your activities.

6.  Increases Bone Density

“Increasing G-force, by rebounding, sends a message to the bone cells telling them the entire skeletal system needs to be mineralized, dense, and strong.”
– Albert E. Carter

Our bones are kept strong in proportion to the physical stress we put on them.  Bone is deposited in proportion to the load that the bone must carry.  Jumping on a rebounder will increase that compression load up to 3.24x that of gravity, forcing all the bones in your body to become stronger and more dense.

7. Detoxifies the Body

“Four minutes of rebounding will cause the lymph system to circulate at least once.  You will feel a tingling sensation all over your body as your cells celebrate their excitingly clean environment.”
– Albert E. Carter

As we discussed earlier, the Lymphatic System is a secondary circulatory system that moves nutrients into the cells and metabolic wastes out from the cells for elimination from the body.  Just like human beings eat food and then excrete the wastes, cells also have metabolic wastes that they get rid of.  This waste is pushed out from inside of the cells into the lymph fluid.  When you jump on a rebounder it moves the toxins out of the body via the lymph fluid at a rate 10-50x greater than normal!

8. Improves Balance

Our balance is governed by the health of an inner-ear organ called the vestibule.  The vestibule detects sensations of equilibrium in relation to the earth’s gravitational pull.  Jumping on a rebounder is the most efficient way to stimulate the vestibular system because it is challenged to readjust, about 100x a minute, the head in relation to its gravitational environment.  With rebounding, stumbling and being clumsy will be gone from your life forever.

9. Enhances Vision

Yes, you heard it correctly!  Rebounding exercises every cell in your body, which includes the ocular muscles that your eyes use to focus.  Not only can rebounding improve the clarity and sharpness of your eyesite, but also give you better general performance both physically and mentally without glasses.  More than any other known device, rebounding contributes to the organization of visual perception and the orchestrated interplay between sight and all the other human senses.

10. Strengthens the Entire Body

A Study at The Institute of Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas compared subjects doing weight training with subjects doing rebounding + weight training.  In just 12 weeks, the study showed that people who rebounded for thirty seconds in between each weight training station (in a weight training circuit) increased in strength by as much as 25% over those who did not rebound between stations!

11. Costs Far Less than a Gym Membership

Getting a membership at a gym can cost well over $1000 each year, and even with that high price, there are many cells in your body not getting exercised.  For far less than the price of a one-year membership at a gym you can get a rebounder which will not only give all your cells a great workout, but a quality rebounder will last a lifetime.  That’s a $1000 savings every year, which you can take straight to the bank!

The Greatest Rebounder Ever Made?

Cheap Rebounder Spring vs.  ReboundAIR Spring

Cheap Rebounder Spring vs. ReboundAIR Spring (bottom)

As the popularity of rebounders increases, so does the availability of them in stores. You can find a rebounder for about $50 if you’d like, but the quality is low – the springs are thin, the the frame is made as cheaply as possible, and they break very quickly if you do any real jumping on them. With rebounders, like most things, you get exactly what you pay for.

The rebounder I use is called the ReboundAIR, a company started by Albert Carter – “The Godfather of Rebound Exercise” – who did the pioneering research into rebound exercise.  He has written multiple groundbreaking books on the subject and has engineered a very high quality rebounder – the only rebounder backed by a lifetime warranty. So if the extra thick, shock-absorbing springs do break anytime in your life they will send you new ones to replace them.  Whichever type of rebounder you decide is right for you, one thing is for certain – it’s time to start jumping!

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