Food Grown on Rooftops in Montreal, Canada Feeds Thousands of People

Lufa Farms Montreal

In 2011, a company from Montreal, Quebec, Canada grew their very first vegetables from the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse.  Today, they feed 2,000 people with fresh vegetables harvested locally, and on the exact same day. 

For most people rooftops are an ignored space, but not for CEO Mohamed Hage.  He created Lufa Farms with a simple purpose in mind:  “Grow food where people live and grow it more sustainably.”

LUFA Farmss1 - EndAllDisease

To Mohamed and his team at Lufa Farms, not only does sustainable agriculture mean recycling water, minimizing energy use, and growing food without the use of pesticides or other chemical sprays, it also means that the food is transported from farm to plate in a matter of hours, with nothing going to waste.

Using sophisticated software and growing technologies that took 4 years to develop, their entire greenhouses, built from galvanized steel, aluminum, and glass, are managed entirely by their own software.

LUFA Farms - EndAllDisease

The vegetables distributed to their customers, have never seen the inside of a fridge, and are delivered to drop points around the city such as cafe’s and restaurants, for less than $15 a day.