“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don't.” ― Steve Maraboli


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Every single action you take in life either enhances your physical health or impairs it.  These shifts are tied directly to your metabolic rate.  The more energy your body produces the higher your metabolic rate and the better and longer your body will retain its health and vitality.

All products below are opportunities to upgrade your life by either eliminating your exposure to environmental chemicals, which inhibit your metabolic rate, or by adding exercises, therapies and medicines, which enhance your metabolic rate.

Every single upgrade  you make to your life based on the following list is to be celebrated as a victory, for you are one step closer to living in a way conducive to life and being the change this world needs.

Many supplements and personal care products are loaded with junk and contain highly toxic ingredients.  I've spent hours and hours sifting through the products out there so you don't have to.  Every product on this page has been investigated by me personally and contains safe and healthy ingredients.

This page will evolve over time as I discover new resources, so I’d recommend bookmarking it.



Diagnostic tools can be used to accurately measure your overall level of health.  This is valuable if you want to assess progress during therapy or while in engaging in various dietary or lifestyle changes on your journey back to health.



If your goal is to live a long and disease-free life and you're rubbing poison on your armpits, brushing your teeth with toxic toothpaste and scrubbing your body head to toe with shampoo and bodywash filled with toxic chemicals every morning, you've got a long way to go!

Cleaning up the products you use on a daily basis is step one.  By reducing or eliminating the sources of toxins you're exposed to, they will stop accumulating in your cells and tissues, and every organ and system of your body will begin to recover.  As my friends in Costa Rica say, Pura Vida!



In the early 20th century, Russian Elite Scientist Dr. Konstantin Buteyko spent years investigating the biochemical and physiological differences between people who are healthy and who are sick, and his work lead to the most revolutionary discovery in the history of medicine.  Buteyko discovered that all people who are sick, no matter what the disease, have one single parameter in common:  a deficiency of carbon dioxide.

Supplemental carbon dioxide is probably the most efficient way to restore the health in all chronic degenerative diseases.  Below are some of the many ways CO2 can be supplemented.  If you want to learn more about CO2 Therapy, I highly recommend you read my book Bath Bombs and Balneotherapy.



Think environmental pollution is out of control?  Research shows that indoor air pollution levels are an average of 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollution.  What's more, with chemicals offgassing from materials inside your house like floors, walls, ceilings, carpet and toxic shower curtains, indoor air pollution levels can easily become 100x worse than outdoor.1

The good news is 99% of the toxic chemicals in your living environment are under your control.  Take responsibility for your life and show yourself some love by replacing the things in your home that are slowly making you sick.  Check out the list below and one-by-one begin replacing these products in your home.  Each upgrade is a big step in the right direction towards better health.



Nutritious food can be difficult to find in today's grocery stores.  In addition to seeking out and buying as much of your food as possible from local regenerative farmers, supplements can be useful in resolving deficiencies that have been holding back the full force of your metabolism.  Many supplement companies add unnecessary chemicals to their supplements that you don't want.  All of the following products I've researched myself and contain clean ingredients.



Many of the best exercises can be done anytime, anywhere and without equipment.  However, there is some equipment that can help you get the most out of your workouts.  All the equipment below I've tried myself and recommend.



The key to robust health is to maintain highly efficient cellular energy production, also known as a high metabolism.  The following medicines are and will forever be some of the most powerful metabolic-enhancing substances ever discovered.

The biggest problem with supplementation is that many supplements contain a number of toxic additives or contaminants.  I've inspected the ingredients list of every single product below and have handpicked them because they are clean and don't contain any harmful additives.  The difference between contaminated supplements and the clean ones below can be like night and day.