rollerblading grey silo trail roller derby inline skates

Rollerblading the Grey Silo Trail with Roller Derby Elite Alpha Inline Skates

One of the things I love doing in my free time is lacing up my inline skates and going for a rollerblade.  For me rollerblading is a way to get out of the house and into nature while also breathing fresh air, listening to music and enhancing my body with some high intensity exercise.  When…

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Passive house design1

Top 5 Principles of Passive House Design

Would you like a home that feels warm and cozy all winter even without operating your heaters? How about a home that naturally stays cool in the summer? These are the biggest features of a Passive House that attracts a lot of homeowners. These happen because a passive house makes use of an airtight building…

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surgery the ultimate placebo interview ian harris

Surgery – The Ultimate Placebo Interview with Dr. Ian Harris

Is surgery no better than placebo?  Find out in this EndAllDisease exclusive interview with orthopedic surgeon Dr Ian Harris, author of the book Surgery: The Ultimate Placebo. To order a copy of his book: Click here I like to accommodate all learning styles, so below is the audio version as well as the video version,…

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losing my mother to cancer

My Story: I Lost My Mother to Cancer at Age 12

This is the story of how I lost my mother to cancer at age 12, and how I turned tragedy into opportunity – and the legacy of my mother from a victim of cancer to a hero who inspired her son to save lives and change the world. My entrance into this world came on…

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Plasma Arc Gasification garbage to energy

Plasma Arc Gasification: Eliminating Landfills by Converting Waste into Clean Energy

Dirty diapers, concrete, sludge, even hazardous biomedical waste can be transformed into energy using plasma arc gasification technology. With millions of tons of waste being generated every year and nowhere to put it, scientists have developed a method of converting any waste – no matter how toxic or dangerous – into a clean fuel gas,…

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organic batteries volta free energy

Organic Batteries: 4 Breakthrough Prototypes for Clean Energy Storage (VIDEOS)

These 4 organic batteries are about to leave the corrosive ‘copper top’ and that highly-annoying drumming pink bunny in the dust. When it comes to free energy production, whether we’re talking about solar power, wind turbines, tidal energy, or even the water vortex power plant – they all seem to have one thing in common:…

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Rodin coil 2 marko rodin randy powell vortex math

The Rodin Coil: The Most Important Discovery of All Time? (VIDEO)

The Rodin Coil is claimed by some to be the greatest discovery of all time.  In this article you’ll learn about vortex math, Marko Rodin, Randy Powell and their mindblowing discoveries which are changing the world. A man named Randy Powell claims that a 9-digit pattern called Vortex-Based Mathematics (VBM) connects all of science, all…

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Sheerwind Invelox bladeless wind turbine free energy

Bladeless Wind Turbines: Tesla Technology That’s Revolutionizing Energy Production

Current wind turbines with rotating blades are visually obstructive, mechanically inefficient, cause noise pollution, and have been reported to have detrimental health effects on residents living near them.  Furthermore, bladed wind turbines have also proven to be a major hazard for wildlife such as birds and bats, killing nearly 600,000 birds a year.  As a…

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gemasol solar power plant terresol energy

Gemasolar Solar Power Plant with Sunflower Shape Boosts Efficiency

Thanks to the sacred geometrical patterns of the sunflower, engineers at the 20 Megawatt Gemasolar concentrated solar power (CSP) plant near Seville, Spain have increased the efficiency of their operation and reached more of solar power’s energy-producing potential. TABLE OF CONTENTS How Does the ‘Gemasolar’ Solar Power Plant Work?Traditional vs New Sunflower ArrangementConclusion More Free…

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minesto tidal energy harvesting kite free energy

The Minesto Underwater Tidal Energy Harvesting Kite

The Minesto tidal energy harvesting kite is a revolutionary new way of harvesting energy from ocean tides.  According to Minesto, the Swedish tidal energy company behind the innovation, the kite, called ‘deep green,’ can produce more energy from lower velocity currents than almost any existing tidal technologies. Water contains 800-times the energy of air while…

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thorium free energy image periodic table

Thorium Superfuel: A Clean, Safe, and Abundant Energy Source?

Thorium is a weakly radioactive metallic element that’s number 90 on the periodic table.  It is silver in color but tarnishes black when oxidized, forming thorium dioxide.  Thorium is hard yet malleable and has a high melting point. While uranium nuclear reactors, like the ones commonly used today, utilize uranium directly, thorium nuclear reactors derive…

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The hyperdrive gerard morin nikola tesla free energy endalldisease

The Hyperdrive: Free and Natural Energy by Canadian Inventor Gerard Morin

The hyperdrive is a safe, quiet, powerful, non-pollutant machine that can produce free energy for the entire world, forever.  Gerard Morin has reverse engineered the findings and technologies first discovered and developed by the late Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). A 2018 study of Gerard Morin’s hyperdrive conducted by retired engineer Mantim Lee of Singapore concluded that…

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